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Rates from February 9, 2018

Work schedule

Mon – Thu 11:00 — 21:00
Fri – Sun 10:00 — 22:00


Children up to 120 cm Up to 18 years Adults Social 2 Family 3
4 hours (available Mon-Thu from 17:00, Sun from 18:00) Free 300 500 600 650
Full day 550 800
FUN24 + 300 rubles to the tariff 1
Oceanarium + 400 rubles to the tariff 1
Oceanarium and FUN24 + 600 rubles to the tariff 1


Children up to 120 cm Children under 12 years Over 12 years
Double AllInclusive 4 Free 690 890

Saturday and Public holidays

Children up to 120 cm Up to 18 years Adults Social 2 Family 3
4 hours (available from 18:00) Free 400 600 750 800
Full day 650 900
FUN24 + 300 rubles to the tariff 1
Oceanarium + 400 rubles to the tariff 1
Oceanarium and FUN24 + 600 rubles to the tariff 1


1 Options “+ FUN24”, “+ Oceanarium”, “+ Oceanarium + FUN24 are a special offer of the water park. Discounts for these options (including their free provision) are not provided.

Options are provided for any tariffs for visiting the water park, including for children up to 120 cm (according to the option cost), provided that you purchase an adult ticket. Options are not provided for the All Inclusive 4 tariff, visits to the subscription / certificate.

The offer is limited. Valid until certificates in the Oceanarium or FUN24 are available.

2 The price is per person. The tariff is granted to the social category of guests: pensioners, future mothers, large families, disabled people and parents / guardians of disabled children, students of any form of education. The price is for 1 person, it is not divided into adults and children. It is necessary to present the relevant documents for each guest (detailed list of documents)

3 The price is per person. The tariff is given to families from 3 people who provided documentary evidence for each member of the family (detailed list of documents), for a full day, with the purchase of at least 3 tickets for this tariff. Tariff is not divided into adults and children. Children up to 120 cm in the calculation of the family rate do not go, because they are free.

4 All inclusive twice. This tariff entitles you to visit the aquapark for a full day with unlimited food and drinks (according to a certain menu), followed by a visit to Fun24 at All Inclusive (all inclusive) rate without additional charge! On this day in the water park there are no other tariffs, actions and additional options, special coupons are no longer valid. Visitors attending the aquapark for subscription can take advantage of the conditions of the action, having paid at the cash desk 300 rubles – for persons from 3 to 12 years; in the amount of 450 rubles for individuals from 12 years. The entrance to the water park is from 10:00 to 21:00. The last guest should leave the water park not later than 22:00. The promotion is valid until 23.03.2018 every Friday, except on 23.02.2018 and on 09.03.2018.


Gift certificates for visiting the water park

800 rubles Price for the purchase of the certificate (weekdays and Sundays, except ALL inclusive)
950 rubles Price for the purchase of a certificate (any day except all inclusive)

The certificate gives the right to visit the Aqua Park for a full day within a month from the date of purchase. Certificates do not give the right to visit the water park during closed events.  The price of the certificate is one for adults and children. does not stack with other promotions.

Tariffs for purchase of season tickets from January 1, 2018

Type of subscription Expiration date Session Cost
(for 1 person)
Year Full day 7 600
For two
(Designed for 2 people)
Year Full day 12 500
(for 1 person: pensioners, students, representatives of large families, pregnant women)
Year Full day 4 600
(2 adults + 1 child)
Year Full day 13 500
+ 1 person
(Adding a co-owner to any subscription other than “personal”)
Before the expiration of the subscription Full day 2 500

Subscriptions are nominal and are not transferable to third parties. The term of validity of the subscription is calculated from the moment of purchase.

Season tickets are valid on any day of the week, not more than once a day.

Season tickets are not valid on the days of closed events and sanitary days the validity period of the season tickets is not subject to extension during these events), do not give the right to use allinclusive.

Season tickets do not give the right to participate in promotions and special offers.

* To purchase this subscription it is required to present one of the documents: Certificate of pregnancy, certificate confirming the status of children, pension certificate, Certificate of disability, Student’s card. The “+ 1 person” option is applicable to this subscription provided that it corresponds to the social category (documentary confirmation is required).